Monday, December 19, 2011

Mr. Clause

I followe Ms. Katie Bower over at and she has got one personality on her, and I love it! Its funny because I read all these blogs and totally feel like I know these peeps. See katie has a baby boy the same age as little man and I will read some of her stories about what he has done and I totally get this "omg our boys have got to play together". But then I remember she has no idea I even exist...oh well.  My point is she is like this celebrity blogger and me and her made the same ornaments this year, the thread balls.  Funny thing is our posts about them were posted the same day...i have to admit I got a little giddy thinking about her amazing decor ideas and how amazing her home looks then we make the same ornaments!! Ahhh!!

So she also made the pottery barn knock off santa, you can see the original in my previous post. I had to make this post into three diff ones because im posting from my phone...sorry yall!!

When I get to decorating my new home, I want to mock katies...its just perfect! So I thought I would get busy by making her pottery barn knock off santa! So who did I call? Ghost busters!! ;) no, my bff. And we PLANNED to making them together however someones sharpie got carried away and we ended up doing them somewhat separate. ;) its ok though because I still got some time with her and she helped coach me thru my santa. Thanks tam!! :)

So here he goes, what ya think!? My mema said "thats one of them paint by numbers". I know I cant draw yall but thanks to katie I now cant paint or draw anything I want...hehe its on like donkey kong!

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