Sunday, December 18, 2011

Question Answered :)

One of my friends, who commented on my post about the house, asked how we got it sold?   I left out that amazing juicy part, honestly thinking no one really cared.  HA!!  I'm so glad you do though Jessica.

I know you have heard of "flippers", you know people that buy homes super cheap and update them, then turn around and sell them for a profit.  Basically that's what happened.  But it sounds SOOOO much easier than it really was.

For starters it was extremely difficult to find someone that would buy a un-repaired sinkhole home in Tallahassee.  Sinkholes are very common in Florida, and if you are anyway affilated with real estate you will know that for the past 3-4 years the legislature and insurance industry have been in fights about sinkhole claims in our state.  Apparently, people will see a crack in their wall and report it to the insurance company as a "sinkhole".  But to actually deem your home as a sinkhole home, there are tests that have to be done (that cost well over $10k) insurance companies have gotten really tight on sinkhole claims because the testing alone cost them a good penny.  BUT that being said, if you really do have a sinkhole it makes your life a living you know what because they are so tight with sinkhole claims.

Anyway, back to my story, sinkholes in North Florida are not that common so it took me calling multiple attorneys to find one that could represent us and to find a buyer.  Most buyers will only buy in south Florida because they know they will get a better return on their investment, apparently the market in Tally is doing pretty good!!! :)  So I called several people that I found on Google and finally found a guy from South Florida that was interested in buying our home up here.

He flew up, took a look at our place, and decided he wanted it...that was as easy as I made it sound!! He was an answer to our prayers for almost two years!  I'm excited to ride by the place over the next several months and see what he does with it and how fast it will sell! :)

Hope that answered your question Jessica!!

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JeS said...

It did, thank you! LOL sorry for being nosey. I am just glad for you all it is finally OVER and you all can move forward with your lives and a home for those precious babies. :)