Monday, December 6, 2010

~The Most Wonderful Time of the Year~

This weekend was packed with fun, fun, and more fun!! Friday night was family dinner, it was nice and yummy. Saturday we went to Market days (see bottom of post for pics) and I got a lot of awesome things. I hope by next year we will be in our new home so I can do some major damage for decor. This year I did small shopping though. After Market Days mom and I went to the mall, where we did damage on her pocket book which is ALWAYS fun! ;) We got most of her Christmas shopping done though. Then she took me to meet Tee and Brody at Marie Livingston's Steak House for Tee's Nanny's birthday. There was yummy food and lots of laughs with family. While we were there Tee told me that Brody said his first words "bye bye". AAHHHHHH I missed it :( I have to admit that made me a little sad that Daddy got to hear the first words before me....but that's ok at least Tee got to experience the special moment! :)

Brody and Daddy ready for yummy steak, and just to let you know YES BRODY LOVES STEAK!
Brody's Nana and all his cousins (I think that is what they are considered :/ )

After Marie Livingston's we went to the Winter Festival Parade. It was PACKED! I got in a fight with another momma...its true when you have children you become a MONSTER to make sure they have everything YOU want them to have! But it was so special to see Brody's reaction to the lights, sounds, and the whole parade in general. Bless his heart, he couldn't hang the whole time and started getting tired towards the end. I dont blame him, the parade was WELL over 1 hr and half. But he stayed awake, laughed, and kicked his feet the WHOLE time!

Kenny and Kelly even came and Brody had fun watching it with them. We were sad Daddy wasn't there but FSU was playing in the ACC Champ game and they haven't been there in years! We understood Daddy's tough decision but next year Momma will have to have Daddy's help with Brody AND Savannah!

Us and Gammy at the parade

Brody was amazed with all the lights!

One of the things I bought at Market Days was a dog treat for Duke. It had icing and sprinkles...he LOVED it!!!

Sunday we went to Qtown to get Brody's tree and some decorations out of the attic and while we were out there we did Brody's Christmas craft with Nana.

Brody was paying close attention to every step.

This finished product, pine cone Christmas trees! Next year I plan to spray paint pine cones wihtout the ribbon and holly for Christmas decorations. I LOVED them before the ribbon and holly, but they are cute too with it!

The sign was another Market Day find! It's all 4 of our year will be FIVE! :)

Another find, to hang on the sign above once we get a house and hopefully a fireplace for our "real" stockings.

Savannah's stocking.
Those are our few decorations in our "apartment" until we can get a new home, its the best we can do. And it is PERFECT for us! This is our favorite time of the year and we are not going to let the material things take that from us. We had a great weekend with lots of fun and festive activities and look forward to our first Christmas with our lil man!!

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Tamara said...

I got Remi that same dooughnut treat!! He has to wait til Christmas though:) So glad ya'll had fun at the parade!