Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cricut Project- Numero Uno (Vinyl Decals)

I got a Circut for Christmas (Christmas post wouldn't post, so I skipped it). In case you do not know what a Cricut is, let me tell you it is AMAZING! I have heard about a Cricut for many months, from many different people, and everyone explained what it was to be differently. I couldn't understand why, well its because this thing is really that amazing and does that much!! It is essentially a cutting machine...on steroids!!! :) I have about nine projects...and counting...on my "Cricut Projects List". The first thing I made was a vinyl decal for my machine.

You can put these dec als on windows, picture frames, or even your walls. I would love to make some for Savannah's room when we get a home.

They are so simple (if you have a Cricut), simply load the machine with some vinyl, select what design you want from the cartridge, and press the cut buttom. The only "work" you have to do from there is be sure the surace is clean before you apply the vinyl. *Warning: don't use any type f solutions to clean the surface with because the vinyl will not stick. Make sure all air pockets are out of the vinyl as well...and you are DONE!! That simple!

Next project on the list: iron-on cut outs for clothes!! Stay tuned...

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Tamara said...

How cute! Does one of your cartridges have fonts? Can't way to see more projects!!