Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving this year was so special, we had Brody with us! Next year will be even more special because Savannah will be here too! It was so good to see all the family, hold my cousin's two week baby for the first time, eat TONS of food, and Brody got to see his first deer!! The day started off bright an early (5:30 to be exact) when Brody woke me with his "BLAH" that's him saying "mom get out of bed and get me a cup of milk". Then I helped mom get the house ready for our Thanksgiving feast! Before I knew it the house was full of family and food and it was time to eat! The best part was watching Brody play with all his cousins, we had 4 under 2...wasn't that interesting! :) We ate our first Thanksgiving lunch and Brody fell asleep, literally in his plate of turkey! TOO BAD I DIDN'T GET A PIC! :(

Grandma Sandra with Brody
Pepa and Brody (notice Brody's turkey shirt!) After our lunch, it was time to go to QTOWN and see Tee's family. It was great to see family and eat some more! :) Thankfully Brody was able to stay awake and visit everyone. Tee's Nanny gave me this attachment for my sewing machine, I cannot remember what it is called, but it helps sew a certain seam and I can't wait to try it out on Brody's Christmas shirt! :) As people started leaving, it was time for the boys to go to the woods! Brody's Papa got a deer and we couldn't wait to see what Brody would do when he saw it...he was shocked at first but then he "ahhhh" like he was ready to play with it.

The boys and the deer

"what do I do with it Daddy?"

That night Brody spent the night with Mema and Pepa for the first time!! I was worried that he would keep them up all night, but he was great (so they reported). :) Then it was time for Tee, myself and Ann to hit up the early opening stores for black friday! I was so excited and pumped, I have never done the crazy people who shop all night style black friday shopping. LOOONG story short, we stood in line at Toys R Us for 2 hours, didn't get in the store, left (without Brody's slide), hit up Walmart, Kohls, Bath and Body works, Sports Authority, and Sears! I was able to get Tee's Christmas (will post about AFTER Christmas) and we got Brody's Christmas done! In the short, I will NEVER go Black Friday shopping for noon on Friday again! But at least I can say I gave it a try :)
Us in line (on the parkway) waiting to get into the store!

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Tamara said...

I love your christmas layout! and I'm assuming that picture in line was taken BEFORE the two hour wait with no entry? :) so glad ya'll had an awesome thanksgiving!