Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pine Cone Turkey

Today we did Brody's Thanksgiving 2010 craft project...pine cone turkey!! It was so much fun, but Brody didn't last long. He was out before I could get the tails glued on.

Ready to start!!

Then he was out on Daddy before we finished.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!

Mema and Pepa came to visit and Brody enjoyed some extra loving and spoiling today! :)

Brody LOVES lights and sounds. So whenever I take pictures he always crawls over to see what's up momma!! I love it now that he is into EVERYTHING. It is so much fun to chase him all over the living room and keep him out of the many trees my parents like to put up every year.

After to tried, MANY times, to get to the DVD/Blue Ray player that is in the floor, then he was after the Candy Christmas tree! Needless to say the tree won the battle. I was standing in the kitchen and heard a loud BOOM! Went into the living room to see Brody UNDER the tree and glass everywhere from the broken ornaments. He wasn't screaming, but you could tell he was scared by the look on his face! Thankfully he was hurt too bad, just a few minor scratches on his add to the already scratched and bruised cheek from last week! Like I much fun! :)

This coming week adds to my favorite time of the year...the wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON!! I am so excited for all the yummy food to come and shopping on Friday! I hope to get the last bit of Christmas shopping that we have left done!

I also have to go out of town for my job for the first time...I have to admit I am a bit nervous. So if you don't mind including me in your prayers the next couple of days I would realllly appreciate it! :)

What a great relaxing, family filled, weekend I had and now to get ready for a busy beginning of my week and hopefully ending with some relaxing with family, yumo food and shopping like a mad woman! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week 2010!!

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