Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's my Due Date!

Due Date...what a JOKE!!! I really think they should not call it that. Gives expecting mothers such hope...and then the day comes and NOTHING :( So I am here on my "due date" and I feel the same as I have for the past few weeks. I really do not think Brody is ready, I have just prepared him this perfect little living environment and he doesn't have any reason to leave it. I surely hope though that he would make a move on his own before the doctors want to. Supposedly if I am not in active labor by this Thursdays appt then they are going to want to medically induce...which TERRIFIES me. I understand their reasoning that the babies can actually get sick if they stay too long, but I just wanted mother nature to do her thing. Ya know!?! I knew this week would be very long and I would be counting down the seconds so I prepared many sewing projects to keep me busy. My list includes: camo bibs for lil man, a purse for me, a purse for momma, a camo onesie for lil man, little mittins, and hubby added a camp pillow to the list last night! :)

I have finished the first two. What ya think? I am pretty proud because this time a month ago I couldn't even get my bobbin to bob....haha you know what I mean it wasn't working (you can tell I am no pro I dont even know the proper terms!)

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alohanole913 said...

so glad you're a sewing pro now! you're gonna have to teach me a few things;) okay so i just met your baby boy a few hours ago and I am so happy for ya'll! He is SO precious!! love you guys:)