Sunday, April 25, 2010

Almost a month old!

WOW, where does the time go? Everyone says when you have children time flies, but I had no idea. Since my last post we had my lil man! It is funny to go back and read my last blog entry because I had no clue that I would go to the hospital that night and have my baby. After the last post hubby took me to Southwood to walk. He said we would walk until lil man came. So we walked for an hour and half, three miles! We went home. Once we got home we talked about going to get Five Guys Burgers for dinner. But when we got in the car I told hubby that he was taking me to the hospital because I was hurting, not thinking anything about it. Because we had been to triage two times before and they just sent me home I thought it would happen again and we could go get dinner after the released me. Got hooked up to the monitors and they told me my blood pressure was 158/110, they were keeping me and going to start pitocin to induce my labor! I couldn't believe it. 26 hours of labor later, my baby boy was born via c-section. What a miracle!

Since he has been born our life has changed dramatically. He is our world NO DOUBT! We have worked our tails off to get all of our homework done before he arrived but we had a few assignments left to do. With the school work and adjusting to Brody being here our life seems like it has been in over drive this past month. But we are finally done with school this coming up week and it is time to enjoy life...FINALLY! We are so blessed and so excited to have him here now it is time to make his life the very best we can and I can't wait!

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alohanole913 said...

Can't believe he's 1 already too! love him to pieces!