Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This morning I woke up at 3AM and could not go back to sleep for anything! So I watched everything I had DVR and it took me to about 4:30. I then got up, got some cookies and milk (what is a better night time snack) and here I sit in bed WIDE AWAKE! I am not sure really why I cannot sleep but it seems to be getting more difficult the closure I get to my due date. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to rest while I can, however if I can't sleep I can't make my self do it! My doctor appt yesterday went pretty good, was told I would be on bed rest until lil man gets here...probably will be about 3 weeks. :( No fun but totally worth it if it will keep him and me healthy! I have noticed there is really nothing on tv this time of the morning, facebook is about warn out! Haha so I thought I would blog. Sorry, this post is not very interesting. I was just hoping it would help me tire out! haha hope everyone has a great tuesday!


KT said...

i was hopin you would do some bloggin now tha tyou have some free time! Sorry about the sleepless nights. I think it is God's way to prepare us for when the baby doesnt sleep at night!?

alohanole913 said...

you poor thing:( hope tonight is better!