Monday, March 8, 2010

Bed Rest Junkie! :)

Nothing really interesting lately with the pregnancy, other than the fact that we are getting close to lil man's arrival. I am getting so excited that I cannot is CRAZY!! I feel like a little child on Christmas who is waiting to open presents. Haha! With the end of pregnancy comes many aches and pains. Since I hit the 30 weeks mark, I have had terrible lower back pain, a lot of pressure, and swelling. I have been told by the doctor that this is all normal and will only subside when Brody is born.

I have also been battling high blood pressure. The thing with that is it goes up and down, stays down for a while and back up again. One doctor told me that I should be on modified bed rest and another doctor told me that I could start walking to get things going. This past friday I was at work and blacked out for a plit second. But that split second was enough to scare the tar out of me. My feet began to swell pretty bad and almost went numb. I left work and checked my blood pressure at CVS, it was 157/99 so I became even more scared. I went home and got hubby and we went to triage. When we got there, they ran blood work and other tests. Everything looked ok with me and lil man, so the doctor sent me home and told me that I should remain on bed rest through the weekend, stay home from work monday (DARN) and call the doctor for an appointment this week.

So here I sit, I have called the doctor and have an appointment this afternoon to see what they say. One of my only complaints about my doctor's office is that I do not get to see my doctor each time, I have to see a different doctor again today. But I guess they all must know what they are doing, just is nice because each doctor have their own way of doing things.

To help my time pass, I have purchased an iPod. Im super excited because I have wanted one since they first came out and NEVER had about behind the times. So I have been putting my CDs on it, downloading new music and playing with the video camera. Yea, I thought it was so neat because they apparently come with video cameras which will be nice when little man gets here! :) So between the iPod, my new love for sewing, a few pregnancy books/mags, and school work I should have plenty to do and keep me busy.

That is about all that is going on in the life of the Dawkins, just waiting on the arrival of our little man now! :)

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alohanole913 said...

you will love your ipod! i use mine all the time:) so glad to hear you and brody are doing good, c'mon baby!