Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's CRUNCH Time

Crunch time for a smaller me! I know that I have only been post pregnancy for 2 months now, but I am OVER this body. I thought I was huge I look at old pics and think "omg I wish I looked like that". I have done really good and worked pretty hard but I still have 25 lbs to get to my prebaby weight and 35 lbs to get to a "goal weight" for me.

This is my ultimate goal...I know it is a FAR fetch.
I have decided to start a diet and focus really hard on an hour of cardio a day. I KNOW I should probably be doing more, but with two babies and living this far out I just cant give anymore than that!! But I am hoping my efforts will pay off and I can loose these few pounds I have to go.

I wouldn't mind this figure either!

I normally do not "diet" but I have been trying since Savannah was born and I have hit that number that I just cant seem to pass. I also don't typically "advertise" my diets or efforts at weight loss, mainly because I don't want to hear people ask "is that on your diet". This time I thought about it from a different perspective, if I put myself out there on my blog then I will be embarrassed if I do not succeed. I am VERY competitive so I am hoping this will help motivate me and keep me going strong.

So what is my plan?! To limit my carbs and increase my protein, and walk 30 minutes to an hour a day. If I only get 30 minutes in then I plan to do extra sit-ups and push-ups. I plan on no weight training at first. I am not promising fast results to myself but I am getting serious about this starting Sunday!! Hopefully good ole blogger will help hold me to it! Wish me luck as I venture down the "diet" road :/