Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Long Post!

*I want to start by saying I am sorry about the length of this post. I have so much to share and haven't had a chance to update my blog!

~*~*~*~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!!! ~*~*~*~
So much to update you all on. First off, we went to the doctor this past Tuesday and found out, we are having a GIRL!
Savannah 19 weeks
We are so excited and have named her Savannah Marie Dawkins. For those of you who don’t know Savannah is mine and Hubby’s favorite place to visit and Marie was my sister’s name, so we have had the name picked out for a long time. We are both so excited to have a boy and a girl, but Tee is already worried! Haha J we are due March 12, 2011 but more than likely she will be born the first week of March. I cannot wait for her to get here and to see how Brody reacts to her.
On another note, I didn’t get to post a picture of Brody’s pumpkins from this year. We had such a great time carving and crafting with him for Halloween, I am looking forward to taking him trick or treating and starting to really get into the festive spirit next month. Daddy carved a warewolf for Brody and Mommy and Brody made a Bat-o-lantern. The craft was interesting because Brody wanted to eat everything, but I think he really enjoyed his first craft project with Mommy.
Painting the wings
Brody's Bat-o-Lantern
Daddy carving it out!
Ta DA!
Brody is so proud :)
We went to the pumpkin festival with some friends, and met some more there. Brody had a good time riding around looking at all the people, spending time with friends and we painted a pumpkin (well sort of). Haha but most importantly Brody enjoyed seeing his girlfriend :) Next year will be much more fun because he will be running around and I will have Savannah …ahhhh cant wait! :)
Painting Pumpkins
Brody also got to attend his first birthday party this past weekend. It was SO cute and Brody had a great time. Even though he didn't have a nap alllll day he was able to hang with the big dogs (2 year olds at the party) and we got to color and play with balls. Brody LOVES the balls that go into ball pits...he doesn't know it but he has one coming for Christmas and I cannot WAIT to see him playing in it!
I am working on a new craft project for my cousin’s upcoming baby shower this weekend!! I’m so excited because I have been wanting to make some girl stuff but haven’t had a chance to…but now that I am co-hosting a baby shower for my cousin who is having a girl, I have an excuse to make some girl stuff!! AND now that we found out Savannah is on the way…I’m going to be making girl stuff LIKE CRAZY!! Dresses, shirts, pants, bags, purses….I’m getting excited just thinking about it!
We are looking forward to this weekend, there are so many fun things coming up. Friday night, while Daddy is at football, Brody and I will be helping Gammy prepare for Victoria’s shower. Saturday is the shower, that I am super excited about by the way! Saturday night we are supposed to go on a ghost tour in Monticello. My parents have lived in Monticello for over five years and we STILL haven’t done the ghost tour! Then Sunday is the Breast Cancer walk in Southwood. I have been going for the past…how long Erin?...three years I think, and cannot wait to go again this year! Next year I will really get my work out with the double stroller ;)
We are officially underway in the lawsuit regarding our sinkhole situation…to keep from depressing everyone and boring everyone I wont go into details, I just ask that you continue to pray for nothing but good news for us and we really appreciate the love, support, and prayers from our family and friends!
Hopefully next post will come sooner rather than later, right Tam!?!?! ;)

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Tamara said...

yes, that's RIGHT! Sooner ma'am! ;) Love all of it! And that pic of brody "eating the ball" cracks me up!!