Saturday, October 2, 2010

October is finally here!!! : )

I have been waiting for October for MONTHS. I love it when October finally gets here, one because I get to start it off with my birthday :) and two because it means that my favorite time of the year is slowly starting to make an appearance...FALL!! I love the holidays, the chilly nights, the beautiful skies, all the craft shows, and everything about fall.

For my birthday Friday night we went to Olive Garden with friends and family. It was almost PERFECT, minus my hubby :( Great food, good laughs...a relaxing evening! Hubby was coaching but we celebrated when he got home.

Today, mom and I met one of her friends at the Bead Show. I thought I would go with mom but didn't think I would find anything I wanted. I was wrong! I found a green stone (cannot remember the name of) mom is going to make into a ring for me, 4 beads I made a bracelet out of, and a antique watch face...I am still searching for the perfect idea for that!

This is what the watch face looks like. It is pretty big and I want to use it for something that I will actually use because I love the story behind it and I thought it was amazing! I will be searching online for ideas also. If you have any ideas please post them!

In searching for ideas for my watch face I have found several blogs that have inspired me to try to be a better blogger. There are people that blog about EVERYTHING! I want to try to do that, keep my camera with me take TONS of pics and blog like a mad woman! :) We shall see how that goes ;0

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