Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It has begun!

I have started back to work...therefore my vacation is officially over! :( I am actually glad because I can get things back to normal and in a pattern. Brody started staying with a sitter and we LOVE her. This week I also started my FULL FORCE work out plan. I have played with it a few times and loved it but now that I am back at work and NONE of my dress pants fit I have decided its time to buckle down. I have taken before pictures to compare myself to, but will not be posting those :) haha not a site for all to see! I will take more pictures that I can post so you can follow my journey as well. I also got my hair CHOPPED off....and I LOVE it!

This friday Hubby and I will begin our bi-weekly date night again. I think it is important to continue to date, my mema and pepa still have date night!! So we will start that this friday and I am SO looking forward to it. Not sure what's on the agenda yet...hoping a yummy steak :)

Then saturday I am going to get me some girl time...I am SO excited and it is very much needed!!! Can't wait to hang out with you ladies.

Brody update: he is trying to hold his head up, smiling, and even giggling now!! Each time I pick him up from the sitter he looks sooo different. If you promise to keep a makes me a lil jealous that she gets to be with my baby all day while I work :( but that's ok because it is what we have to do and I know it is good for him too!!

Well I guess I gotta get to bed it WAY past my bed time!

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