Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I keep getting on here checking everyone else's blog but didnt realize I haven't blogged in a while. Not a whole lot going on these days. Finally graduated- WOO HOO!! Sink hole remains a sink hole! Brody is doing AMAZING, he is laughing and smiling.

Lil man's smile is amazing. No matter how bad my day is going he can smile and it will completely turn my day around.

Looking at this face, who couldn't smile!?!

Also recently I got a new camera that I am IN LOVE with. I spent my weekend taking pictures and editing them. I am by far no pro but I enjoy the hobby and wanted to share my fav from this weekend.

This weekend I also saw a commercial about the medicine little man is on. It was one of those commercials where attorneys want you to call them if you are taking this particular medicine. Well what do you know the commercial was about the medicine he is taking. I freaked and told hubby. We tossed his medicine out and said that we would call the doctor on Monday. So I called the doctor today, the nurse explained the me that there are complications with all medicine. I know this! But my problem is these side effects are more serious than "may cause dizziness". She comforted me that the doctor wouldn't give her babies anything that was dangerous, and I know that I trust my doctor. But again I worry. She also told me that the hospitals NICU are still using this medicine daily and that should offer more comfort. So I am not sure what to do because not giving him the medicine this weekend I can tell a big difference and I can see he is in pain without it. I asked if there was an alternate medicine and she said there wasnt anything else on the market at this time that does the same thing. So what do I do!?!? I plan on talking to hubby about it but it has to be the most difficult decision ever. I dont want to see my baby in pain now, but at the same time I dont want to give him a medicine that may hurt him in the long run if he will just grow out of this acid reflux condition. I wish someone could just make the decision for me and it be the best thing for him! Being a mommy is tough, but I still LOVE IT! :)


Tamara said...

Lovin the new blog design! I hate that you're having to make the medicine decision:/ I wouldn't know what to do either:(

JeS said...

What meds is he on? Avery took Prevacid, and I LOVED it for her AR.