Sunday, June 13, 2010

A BUSY weekend!

This past week was difficult for me. I started back to work and Brody started going to a sitter. It was great but very tiring! Work picked up right where I left off, literally. I was assigned cases I started before I went out FOUR months ago! So I guess that is nice because I wasn't having to really work someone's case they started but it still was like BOOM right back as busy as it was before I left! i like staying busy though because it helps the day go by much faster!

Then this week we also met with foundation companies regarding fixing our sink hole. Basically to make a VERY long and VVVVEERRRRYYYY boring story short. The hole is going to be an expensive fix (one me and hubby doesn't think is worth it) and we probably will not be completely done until DECEMBER! I just hope that everything is done and we are back to our normal life by Brody's first Christmas in our house...that is the most important thing to me.

This Friday was our first date night...all night. We went to dinner, then drove around looking at vehicles, and then to a movie. ALL while Brody stayed the night with was so hard being without him the whole night, but it is something hubby and I plan to do regularly to give us the ability to still date and focus on just being us! The movie we saw was was so good we both LOVED it!

Then Saturday morning Duke got a little pampering while Brody was at Nana's. Our poor pookie has been a GREAT dog with Brody coming into the picture. He watches him and doesnt get jealous of our attention or time, LOVE my pookie!! I just feel so bad for him because he does not get ANY attention to him. So we let pookie get in bed with us and I got him to help me wake the ole days! :) I think he enjoyed the attention.

Duke helping me wake Daddy!
This past week we put Brody in the bumpo (?) thing. He LOVED it. I think it made him happy to feel like a big boy sitting up all by himself. I always think he is bored because he wants to go and do but can't yet, so this was a nice treat for him :)
Watching TV with Daddy

"This is cool mommy!"

He wasn't too sure about it at first!

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