Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's been a LONG time!

I was looking for pics of all my sewing projects and realized that it has been forever since I wrote on my blog...what a BUM!!! I will attempt to catch the blog up without boring yall (if anyone still reads this) haha. We finally have hired a team of attorneys that, hopefully, will be able to handle our case and get us the best deal. :) I am sooo thankful because I am SOOOO tired of dealing with this. WIth them being hired I dont have to talk to anyone other than them...that means no more insurance company!! THANK YOU GOD! :)

In the mean time the sink hole started growing...we founds cracks in our walls and our neighbor found a ton...with the growing hole and the fear of me waking up and finding Brody in the hole we finally were able to move out. We moved in with my parents...we are so thankful that they opened their home to us but we are very sad we wont be able to host our friends over, football parties wont happen this year (which we LOVED hosting) and we are far away from town so hanging out with friends will probably get slimmer:( but we know this is only temporary and soon we will be back in the grove in our new home! This time hopefully WITHOUT a sink HOle ;)

On the brighter side....Brody's gonna be a big brother!! :) YAY Tee and I always said we wanted to have our children close together...boy we werent kidding! I am so excited and we cannot wait to see what this one will be!

For our little bundle of joy...Brody is AMAZING! Each day we look at him and smile with amazment that we created him and most of all we are a family and couldn't be happier! He always makes us smile and each day seems like he makes us laugh a little harder! He is rolling over, wanting to sit, eating solids, and "talking" to us. Babies really are God's little miracles!

I think that is pretty much the past few weeks in the Dawkins household...hopefully next post will be sooner than this was! :) Yall have a great week!

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Tamara said...

I'm still a reader!! Still so excited for you guys:) C'mon March! And just keep your heads up and things will get better eventually. remember everything happens for a reason. muah!