Saturday, July 19, 2008

IS THIS A Wii????

For those of you who do not know, last Christmas I was looking for a Wii for hubby. He LOVED his play station but sold it when we got married...trying to be the adult he thought he needed to be. Soon after we moved in our new house, I began to notice that he missed that stupid little box that cost a lot of money and took up a lot of his time. So I thought you know for Christmas I should get him a Wii. That game system can work more than just his little fingers, could be pretty entertaining to watch him play, and we could have friends over for Wii parties. So the search began for this "wii". I started looking for a Wii at the beginning of November, thinking I was getting my shopping done "early". Little did I know that Wii's are one HOTT (yes with TWO 'T's) item. so long story short I looked for a good 8 weeks, then finally game up and 2 days before Christmas purchased him an XBox 360. Now, I have to say as much as I didn't want the 360, the two of us really enjoyed it. Then around the end of March we were robbed and guess what was gone the 360 (along with many other things). So then I had to look at my poor hubby depressed because the 360 was gone. Dont get me wrong he was thankful neither of us were home and got hurt and that it wasn't worse than it was but really he was depressed the 360 and his TV were gone. So, we replaced the TV and hubby said he did not want to worry about the 360. Then he got the itch so we started looking for a Wii..thinking it would be different and fun. But finding a Wii was a different story, there are NONE STILL!! So this Friday night on our way home hubby looks at me and says "lets check Best buy on the way home" I was like "come one Tee we looked ALL weekend last weekend there are none in Tally" so we pulled in and what did I see...a white box...with the word "Wii" on the front. It couldn't be, so I grabbed the box and ran to a Best buy employee and said "ma'am please dont laugh at me to my face but is this REALLY a Wii system" she giggled and told me now we HAVE A WII...and WE LOVE IT! I HIGHly recommended the Wii system to anyone who likes gaming systems but thinks America needs ore exercise because let me tell you after playing it for 2 hours last night my arms are SORE!!!!


Beginning Again said...

WHAAT!!U gotta a WII and I haven't been invited over to play! Come on girlie SHARE THE WEALTH!! :)
Glad you found one!!

alohanole913 said...

I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait to play and I can't wait to get mine!!! Yippeeee!!!