Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camping Trip

So, I have finally made it home and back to blogging I go!! My ENTIRE family and I went camping this weekend for the 4th of July and to go to Disney World for my cousins birthday. For those of you who think going to the "happiest place on earth" for the 4th would be a GREAT idea...think again. We (Tee and I) spent $155 for one ride and some fireworks...yes ONE RIDE! The park was so busy Disney actually closed the gates and was not letting anyone else in. There was no more parking left...I have never seen Disney run out of parking...but as luck would have they did have the BEST firework show I have EVER seen!! We were there for 9 hours and only got to ride Pirates, eat Tacos, and watch the fireworks because there were too many people to even WALK! The worst part of the whole trip was Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain AND Space Mountain were ALL closed!! Those are the best rides there and you couldn't ride them! That was our first day there, then yesterday, Saturday, we went canoeing(is that a word?)...that was a BLAST! Tee and I have never done that before so the rest of the family (who got practice on Thursday) enjoyed laughing at us. We saw a gator the size of our canoe about a foot from us and my mema hit another gator with her paddle (by accident) a little scary but neat trip. All in all I would say we had a pretty good time time we go to Disney we will make sure it is in the off season...I NEVER want to be there again on the 4th of July! Sorry, I didnt take any pictures...I honestly forgot (I know can you believe that Tammy)?!?!?! But that was my long weekend now I am washing clothes, cleaning the house and getting ready for work tomorrow!!!


alohanole913 said...

Oh no! I'm so sad for you guys:( What a bummer! Why did they have to shut down the big rides? I am seriously sad for ya'll! NOT fun! Glad you're home safely though...and camping went good!

PS- yes, canoeing is a word:=D

Beginning Again said...

yiiikes! I didn't know Disney could get that full! Who knew!?
Thats freaky about the gators! Glad you all canoed to safety!! I wanna hear more about the campsite! How was the two mile hike to a bathroom!?