Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I woke up this morning feeling poopie, and DID NOT want to get up and go to work. I layed in hubby's arms for 30 minutes (too long, because then I was running late). Got to work and could not get going, was FREEZING and felt like I was getting sick. So I closed out two cases and came home. Finally about an hour ago I start getting to where I feel a little bit better. I wrote my history paper that I have been putting off ALL semester. After I get done with my paper I re-read the instructions and realized it is TOTALLY WRONG.
So now I am sitting here trying to write my paper all over again and getting so mad at myself. I know it seriously can not be that hard to write a HISTORY paper, but I just can not get my mind going in the write direction.
Dont mean to complain, I know things could be worse, but I needed to just let it OUT! So, now I am going to get a snack and write this paper for the final time. I keep telling myself tomorrow is HUMP day, and the weekend will soon be here!!! THANK GOD!!!! :)


alohanole913 said...

sorry you are having a rough week:( I am dreading thursday and friday like the plague...i'm glad you got your paper done though, the weekend is right around the corner!

Beginning Again said...

i love "laid in hubby's arms" isn't that such a wonderful place! worth being a lil late sometimes!
sry bout the paper! VENT IT OUT!!