Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Night Football

My hubby is out coaching those baby noles to another victory tonight and I am cheering them on from the house. The game is in....somewhere....cant remember the name of the little town but it is near Panama City. Tee says the team is pretty good, but we should be fine. The problem is its raining and they are having to travel...two negatives!! Lets go noles to another victory!!!

My cousin had her baby this Wednesday. A little baby boy, 6lb. 4oz. After a very scary few hours they rushed her to a C-section and all was over in a matter of 10 minutes...seriously 10 MINUTES! I was amazed! And they are both doing good now, went home today.

Thanksgiving was yesterday, very crazy. Momma was called into work right after all the food was done and we were sitting down to eat. Needless to say lunch was delayed about an hour. All was well though we had a great day.

Today has been yucky an raining, but I went shopping anyway!!! Got my hubby's gift (good deal!) and some Bath and Body for me!! YAY!! :-) THought about my blog and that I havent written in a while so I decided to drop a line or two. Hope ya had a great turkey day!

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Beginning Again said...

well i am so glad u did!!!