Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know that everyone always said it stinks growing up, but I never did realize how much it really does stink. Now dont get me wrong I love the parts of adult life like: being a wife, "coloring", going and doing when I want, having a house, taking care of Duke, and spending all free time (when possible) with my hubby. What I dont like about it though: City of Tallahassee bill, Altell, Embarq, paying for the cars, ok lets just says BILLS, and watching my poor hubby stress over school/career. Neither of us were able to get scholarships, we have as many loans as we can get (HUNTINGDON) and have been denied for ANY type of financial aid (we make too much) so we are basically left with paying for advanced education out of pocket or getting a personal loan from the bank. Ok despite what our WONDERFUL government thinks, we are NOT rich so paying out of pocket is out of the question and personal loan...NO....if we did that we would have basically another car payment. So I was trying to be a supporting wife and told Tee that he could go a head and register and we would make it work. Last night he registered and one semester totaled $2k. I told him that was crazy. I just dont understand why people who want to get an education to better themselves but those who just go to school to keep from working get their school paid for. It just really ticks me off and makes me really think poorly of my government....I think Mickey mouse is who we should elect!


JeS said...

Awe poor Renee! I'm so sorry to hear that. You all have had the worst luck with schoold. (I heard what happened with you at Keiser). I feel the same way! Luckily I do get help with school b/c of Aidyn BUT I get no other assistance with Aidyn b/c I make too much money. It's awful. I'm actually having to pay to go to Keiser after several student loans & a grant. It stinks! I will pray for you & TJ!!!

alohanole913 said...

Girl I hope everything works itself out. I totally agree with you, it's not fair and it's just plain WRONG. Of course if you had 6 kids and no husband & no job they would send you to school for free..seems so backwards. I'll be thinking about ya'll:(